Down stairs you will find our unique wine cellar built in old brick, oak, iron and glass - filled with fine wines at exceptionally affordable prices.

Our knowledgeable Sommeliers would love to help you have an inspiring wine experience.

Lammet & Grisen has a wine team that consists of five people, of which four are sommeliers. They taste hundreds of wines before the start of each season. First the wine itself is assessed. If the wine is found interesting, the wine is tried in combination with the food and is assessed. Sometimes a sauce or dessert recipe is adjusted to better suit the wines in a wine package. The level of acidity, sweetness, saltiness and bitterness are crucial. This process is carried out several times. Taking into account that the wine team often has contradictory views this makes the process challenging. However it is well worth the effort as the result is a perfect combination of food & wine!




We offer wine tasting packages with three exciting quality wines - so you can have your own private tasting during dinner.

Wine Cellar

Lammet & Grisens

The complete list, that covers around 1000 references, has been awarded Top 10 in Sweden by Star Wine List. You will find lots of affordable rarities at unusually low prices. Enjoy!


The complete wine list

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